travel novel

Hi there!
I had a big voyage due to my friend. I have visited Russia and Crimea. I am sure, you had already heard about situation in Crimea-Russia-Ukraine. I am full of feelings and emotions now. I spoke with different people and I understand only one thing - I hate Putin, I hate Russia. Most of people are soooo stupid!!! They are like zombies!!! They are ready to lick putin's ass, to drink his piss. I am shocked...
Flags are everywhere, people are chanting "russia! russia!". BROKEN ASS HOLES.
Putin, keep hands away from Ukraine. I was there several times and I am charmed by its spirit.

hard luck

Hey everybody!^^
My last week was really mad. I had a lot of problems with friends and with bank. I lost my mind. I was so suppressed with my problems, thoughts and feelings, that I was ready to fall down and cry.
BUT yesterday one guy had an entry in his huge house and he invited me. I drank a lot of gin and vodka. You know? I was happy. I began to dance, sing songs of Scorpions and System Of A Down.:) Boys carried me in their arms. I had a lot of hugs.*-*
Moreover, we had some romantic moments on the roof of his house under the carpet of stars. We played hide-and-seek in that big house (8 rooms+kitchen,bathrooms and so on), we had a pillow fight. It was real Narnia for Lyra.)
The master of the house (John) was really drunk. In normal life he likes me and I am full of his attention. Yesterday was smth unreal. John was too obsessive. He even push me on his bed and started to kiss. I went away. "Lyra, stay with me, you are the most thin, slim and nice lady I have ever seen!!!"
What?!?!?! Thin, slim and nice?! Really strange compliment if you want to fuck a girl. In the morning everything was OK. Friend-zone, nothing more. I helped him to clean the house and now I am going home.
What I should do if he will try to fuck/kiss/pick up me one more time? I don't want to loose him:(j5

Calling or illusion

Since my early childhood I was fucking good at maths. I was the best student of my class in algebra, geometry and physics. In June I have passed my exams and entered to the university. My parents were proud and I was sure, that it is my calling, that my studies is a big step forward to become self-realized, to become perfect...
And now I don't believe in calling. Science is art. Maths is a graceful dance of my mind. But engineering is not my calling!!! How can I speak about such things if I am 18?! I am not serious. My calling now are PARTIES, NEW PEOPLE, KISSES, FRIENDS, EUPHORIA, SEX, RELATIONS,BRUTALITY, MUSIC CONCERTS,FESTIVALS! How can they speak about my life calling like about the concept of engineering and bright future?!
However, I am sure, that I am on the right place. Tomorrow I will go to the university and I will be great at my physics lesson. (Parties are cool, but I do all my best at studies always). And on Friday evening I will go to the rock bar. I will drink vodka and party hard all night XD
And do you have your own calling, my darling?


Do you have people, that were EVERYTHING for you several days/months/years ago? And now they are just reminiscences, nothing more. I have drastically changed my life six months ago. I left my home, my dearest and nearest people and moved to another city. All my past life is just a big story. Seems like it is not real;) All my past friends and boys became heroes of this book. They are shadows from my past.

You know, when I think about them I can't keep smiling. A lot of people, a lot of stories, a lot of sunshine - everything changes. There is nothing constant in this fucking life! All of them are shadows. There are integral part of me. life is brilliant. I am not sorry about losing my past. I am running to my future and it is fucking cool when you are 18.

Torsos in my closet

I wish you a good day, my friend. Yesterday I was happy to be alone. Loneliness was my sort of independence, my force, my power. Today loneliness is a bull shit. ;)
After my studies at the university guys invited me to go to the rock bar. I was there last Friday...I was there every Friday since I have moved here!!! I have decided to stay home, to watch American Horror Story and to eat a tasty cake, that I have bought. My first Friday alone. However, my serial is not as interesting as it used to be. My big cake is not as tasty as it was, when I ate it with Julie and Annie. I am sitting alone in a cosy chair, writing my thoughts and feelings to the unknown people.
When I lived with my parents everything was different. If I was lonely - I ate my mother's pie and played the Sims3. Irony! I haven't got this pie and the Sims3 here. Fuck it. I will play it in life.
Keep calm, Lyra Baines. I am drowned in my own mind. Everything makes me mad. The only way out - to put on my clothes and to go to watch Pirates of the Caribbean with Nat and Ivan)
I will never be truly alone.
Because I am Lyra.

rare faces

Hey, people, I will never be with Alex. I don't want to think about him. If you have problems with relations - run away. My own philosophy. Sounds strange, but this method never betrayed me. Just fuck it!
I am not sad at all. I am alive:) I am swimming in a huge, deep ocean of sounds, feelings and music. This is my happiness and pacification. Can you become happy without people? Have you got dreams connected especially with YOU?! Everybody say, that I am weird. AHAHAHAHA STOP IT)) You are weird, my darling. For millions of people happiness can be achieved only in society. Look at me! I am laying on the flour and sinking in the music of genius. The Misfits will save my day.
Study hard and don't forgot to breath, miss Baines. 14a

my start

May your fortune follow you, my new friend. My first post in livejournal is the beginning of my
confession. You know, that every person has a lot of emotions, problems, adventures, secrets...especially if you are 18 years old.
Moreover, I have unsinkable passion. This passion makes me sick and I am ready to shout about it, to run, to live fast, to be your own dying constellation! Stop it! Keep calm, Lyra. I will be your own Cassiopeia. I will share my life with you, my friend.