lyra_baines (lyra_baines) wrote,

rare faces

Hey, people, I will never be with Alex. I don't want to think about him. If you have problems with relations - run away. My own philosophy. Sounds strange, but this method never betrayed me. Just fuck it!
I am not sad at all. I am alive:) I am swimming in a huge, deep ocean of sounds, feelings and music. This is my happiness and pacification. Can you become happy without people? Have you got dreams connected especially with YOU?! Everybody say, that I am weird. AHAHAHAHA STOP IT)) You are weird, my darling. For millions of people happiness can be achieved only in society. Look at me! I am laying on the flour and sinking in the music of genius. The Misfits will save my day.
Study hard and don't forgot to breath, miss Baines. 14a
Tags: boyfriend, friend, music

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