lyra_baines (lyra_baines) wrote,

Torsos in my closet

I wish you a good day, my friend. Yesterday I was happy to be alone. Loneliness was my sort of independence, my force, my power. Today loneliness is a bull shit. ;)
After my studies at the university guys invited me to go to the rock bar. I was there last Friday...I was there every Friday since I have moved here!!! I have decided to stay home, to watch American Horror Story and to eat a tasty cake, that I have bought. My first Friday alone. However, my serial is not as interesting as it used to be. My big cake is not as tasty as it was, when I ate it with Julie and Annie. I am sitting alone in a cosy chair, writing my thoughts and feelings to the unknown people.
When I lived with my parents everything was different. If I was lonely - I ate my mother's pie and played the Sims3. Irony! I haven't got this pie and the Sims3 here. Fuck it. I will play it in life.
Keep calm, Lyra Baines. I am drowned in my own mind. Everything makes me mad. The only way out - to put on my clothes and to go to watch Pirates of the Caribbean with Nat and Ivan)
I will never be truly alone.
Because I am Lyra.
Tags: friends, loneliness

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