March 4th, 2014


Calling or illusion

Since my early childhood I was fucking good at maths. I was the best student of my class in algebra, geometry and physics. In June I have passed my exams and entered to the university. My parents were proud and I was sure, that it is my calling, that my studies is a big step forward to become self-realized, to become perfect...
And now I don't believe in calling. Science is art. Maths is a graceful dance of my mind. But engineering is not my calling!!! How can I speak about such things if I am 18?! I am not serious. My calling now are PARTIES, NEW PEOPLE, KISSES, FRIENDS, EUPHORIA, SEX, RELATIONS,BRUTALITY, MUSIC CONCERTS,FESTIVALS! How can they speak about my life calling like about the concept of engineering and bright future?!
However, I am sure, that I am on the right place. Tomorrow I will go to the university and I will be great at my physics lesson. (Parties are cool, but I do all my best at studies always). And on Friday evening I will go to the rock bar. I will drink vodka and party hard all night XD
And do you have your own calling, my darling?