lyra_baines (lyra_baines) wrote,

hard luck

Hey everybody!^^
My last week was really mad. I had a lot of problems with friends and with bank. I lost my mind. I was so suppressed with my problems, thoughts and feelings, that I was ready to fall down and cry.
BUT yesterday one guy had an entry in his huge house and he invited me. I drank a lot of gin and vodka. You know? I was happy. I began to dance, sing songs of Scorpions and System Of A Down.:) Boys carried me in their arms. I had a lot of hugs.*-*
Moreover, we had some romantic moments on the roof of his house under the carpet of stars. We played hide-and-seek in that big house (8 rooms+kitchen,bathrooms and so on), we had a pillow fight. It was real Narnia for Lyra.)
The master of the house (John) was really drunk. In normal life he likes me and I am full of his attention. Yesterday was smth unreal. John was too obsessive. He even push me on his bed and started to kiss. I went away. "Lyra, stay with me, you are the most thin, slim and nice lady I have ever seen!!!"
What?!?!?! Thin, slim and nice?! Really strange compliment if you want to fuck a girl. In the morning everything was OK. Friend-zone, nothing more. I helped him to clean the house and now I am going home.
What I should do if he will try to fuck/kiss/pick up me one more time? I don't want to loose him:(j5
Tags: depression, kisses, parties, relations, sex

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